South Australia's 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

With four successfully sold out ‘COVID restricted’ Unplugged Shows, multiple sold out Adelaide Fringe seasons, playing

along side 'Bachelor Girl’ for more than one occasion, ‘THAT 90s SHOW' has plenty under their belts,

not to forget - making history by being the first LIVE band to play on the ICE at the IceArena! 

A LIVE 7-piece band performing tunes from the most nostalgic bands and artists of the '90s - such as Alanis Morissette,
Nirvana, The Offspring and Shania Twain through to the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, S Club 7 and everything in between
to keep you partying, singing and dancing all night long. 

Complete with an overload of footage on our screens from all your favourite and forgotten movies, tv shows, cartoons, adverts and music clips, you will be in 90s nostalgia heaven.


Each show is unique, and this is why THAT 90s SHOW is so successful.

Guaranteed a fun night out that will take you back to the 90s and have you reminiscing for days after. 


Mar  4, 2017             Norwood Live                 Adelaide Fringe
Mar  6, 2017             Norwood Live                 Adelaide Fringe
Oct  21, 2017            Arkaba Hotel                   That 90's Show 
Dec 31, 2017            Norwood Live                 NYE Party
Feb 23, 2018            Norwood Live -              Adelaide Fringe
Mar 9, 2018              Norwood Live -              Adelaide Fringe
Jun 15, 2018             Arkaba Hotel -               That 90s Show: Icons Ft Bachelor Girl - 20th Anniversary
Dec 31, 2018            Coopers Gepps X          NYE Party
Mar  16, 2019           The Highway                  Adelaide Fringe
Mar 30, 2019            Leconfield Winery        The Big Party
Aug  17, 2019           Norwood Live                That 90s Show
Nov 15, 2019            Norwood Live                Encore Show
Ft Tania Doko

Mar 13, 2020            Norwood Live                Adelaide Fringe - Slumber Party

July 17, 2020            Norwood Live                Unplugged

July 18, 2020           Norwood Live                Unplugged

Oct 3, 2020              Norwood Live                Unplugged - Vol 2

Oct 4, 2020              Norwood Live                Unplugged - Vol 2

Dec 5, 2020             IceArena                         That 90s Show - on ICE!

March 20, 2021       Norwood Live                Adelaide Fringe - Unplugged -  Vol 3

March 21, 2021       Norwood Live                Adelaide Fringe - Unplugged -  Vol 3

April 23, 2021          The Gov                          JAGGED LITTLE PILL - Alanis Tribute - Debut