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We are absolutely thrilled to have this phenomenal cellist, bassist, teacher, composer and all 'round lad, agree to add his magic to the 90s Show family. Stephan was introduced to the band through Ben, Russell and Hayden, who all had previously worked with this genius. He was also Rach's cello teacher for a period of time, opening up her love for the instrument even more. 

His tasteful and elegant 
playing of the Cello during our volume 3 of the 'Unplugged' series, was an absolute delight and the cherry on top of our well polished (if don't say so ourselves) show. Not only did he add to the show musically, but his personality and eagerness to join allowed him to become a valued member of That 90s Show.

Read below, just some of what we pulled from his website (which you should also, totally check out here

Born in Switzerland, Stephan Richter began his musical career with a Bachelor and post graduate studies in Zurich before studying in New York and finally moving to Australia where he completed a Master Degree in Composition. Stephan is known for his unique and creative style. 

Stephan has extensive experience as a performer in numerous and varied musical settings around the world. His original works have been presented at festivals and other large public events.

He is a dynamic professional musician with experience in educating people of all ages on both cello and bass in schools and private studio. He has practical experience and application of diverse musical genres executed on cello and bass with special emphasis on improvisation. ​

Stephan was commissioned by L.T.P. Publishing Pty Ltd to write 18 volumes of published self tuition manuals for bass guitar. These manuals are internationally distributed and still in use today.

Impressive, huh?

There isn't much more we could say to try and sell you on this creative man, except that you should go check him out - he plays with local group 'Akoustic Odyssey' often (facebook page here) but we promise to bring him back soon!


We love ya Stephan, and can't wait to get back out on the stage with you!


That 90s Show Fam Bam 


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